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Project: Turnigy Marine Brushless Power System

Project: Turnigy Marine Brushless Power System

Several years ago I reviewed a Pro Boat Impulse 26 from Horizon Hobby and at the time it was a blast to race around the pond at our house. Since then I’ve reviewed many new boats with each one seemingly faster than the one before. Yet somehow my son and I keep going back to the Impulse 26 for various projects, including a trailer that he made to pull the boat behind his RC truck.

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Range Check Your Boat

How To: Range Check Your Boat

Ensuring Perfect Radio Waves The airplane and helicopter folks partake in a very strange ritual before they fly a new model for the first time. They’ll get a friend to help them perform what’s known as a range check. What this does is make …

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Prep Your Boat for the Water

How To: Prep Your Boat for the Water

Getting Ready to Make Some Serious Waves We all know how much fun it can be to get out on the water with a new boat, but getting on the water correctly is more important than getting on the water quickly. When you first …

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Service an Engine Rope Starter

How To: Service an Engine Rope Starter

If you’ve owned a nitro or gas boat for any length of time, it’s highly possible that you’ve had to deal with a non-functioning rope starter on your boat’s engine. Whether the pull cord suddenly snapped or the starter’s internal return spring decided not …

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Trim Your Boat

How To: Trim Your Boat

If you’re like me, you love the fact that you have an almost limitless set of adjustments to fine tune your RC car or truck for optimum performance both on the track and while bashing in the yard. Many people do not realize that …

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Add Flotation to Your Boat

How To: Add Flotation to Your Boat

Simple Tips to Stay on Top! Nobody likes to think about the possibility of seeing their RC boat sitting inverted out on the water, but there will be a time when you’ll have to deal with a flipped-over marinecraft. In most cases, the hull …

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Race Prep Your RTR

How To: Race Prep Your RTR

Go Fast, Don’t Be Last… So you picked up a nice RTR boat. You’ve pulled it out of the box and took it to your local pond and ran some batteries though it. Then your buddies got a look and thought it was pretty …

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Get Into Model Boat Racing

How To: Get Into Model Boat Racing

Getting Ready to Make Some Serious Waves Almost five years ago, I purchased the family’s first RC boat. It was an electric powered ready-to-run I picked up for my son for Christmas. As we took turns at the controls on that first run, I …

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Balance A Prop

How To: Balance A Prop

Hyperformance Products Inc. Balance-Rite Prop Balancer A sharpened and balanced propeller is critical to a boat’s driveline efficiency and overall performance, and the Balance-Rite CNC-machined, anodized, billet-aluminum magnetic balancer from Hyperformance Products helps you to quickly and precisely take care of props with 3/16- …

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