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Post Comment Terms and Conditions

Comments Terms of Use
Thank you for joining in the discussion on! We are happy to have you contribute to our community of RC boat enthusiasts and look forward to your participation.

In order to keep this web site family-friendly, informative and fun for everyone, all comments are subject to the editor’s review and may, in certain extreme cases, be excluded from publication. We review comments as quickly as possible, depending on the amount of content waiting for approval. We appreciate your patience.

Please note that the following simple guidelines apply to all comments posted on this site. Failure to adhere to these guidelines will prevent your comment from being posted.

• Keep it polite. Comments that contain profanity or are harassing or insulting to individuals, groups or companies will be excluded from the website.

• Do not post material to which you do not have the copyright without written permission from the copyright holder and proper attribution.

• Comments must pertain to the subject of the original post. Off-topic comments will be excluded.

• Spam comments, focused on selling a product or service, or driving traffic to an external website for personal or monetary gain will be excluded.

General comments, suggestions and feedback regarding the RC Boat Mag website content should be directed to, rather than delivered as a comment on specific website items. We would love to hear from you!

Although our editors will use their discretion in reviewing comments and will do so with the intention of creating free and active discussions, certain material not listed above may be excluded for unforeseen reasons and this policy may be amended from time to time without notice. Please direct any questions to