REVIEW: Aquacraft Rescue 17 Fireboat

Review: Aquacraft Rescue 17 Fireboat

There are those products that come to market that get you all riled up as if you were a kid again and what you see on these pages is sure to get you going. As a kid, who didn't want a sailboat that set off for unexplored lands while you played on the beach? And who didn't want a plastic boat that braved the rapids of that stream behind your house? Read More »

HOW TO: Project: Turnigy Marine Brushless Power System

Project: Turnigy Marine Brushless Power System

Several years ago I reviewed a Pro Boat Impulse 26 from Horizon Hobby and at the time it was a blast to race around the pond at our house. Since then I’ve reviewed many new boats with each one seemingly faster than the one before. Yet somehow my son and I keep going back to the Impulse 26 for various projects, including a trailer that he made to pull the boat behind his RC truck. Read More »

REVIEW: Aquacraft GP-1 Ultra Hydro

Aquacraft GP-1 Ultra Hydro

The GP-1 from AquaCraft Models is the latest RTR fast electric model developed by AquaCraft's chief designer, Mike “Grim Racer” Zabrowski. Measuring 16 1/2 inches, this pickle fork, 3-point hydroplane design features performance engineered components. Read More »


Marine ESC Guide

With major innovations like brushless motors, LiPo batteries and superlight hulls, RC Boats are going faster and faster every year. We’ve put together a small group of marine ESC’s that are sure to fit into any category of watercraft you choose, including competition-level racers. To make compatibility even easier, we’ve chosen ESC’s that run on both NiMh or LiPo batteries, ... Read More »

OVERBOARD: Atomik Barbwire Giveaway

Atomik Barbwire Giveaway

Fill out the form below for a chance to winthis awesome Atomik Barbwire RTR Brushless Boat! No purchase necessary. This Sweepstakes is subject to all federal, state and local laws and regulations. Void where prohibited. Enter by filling out an official entry form available online, or by providing the same information on a 3”x5”card. You can submit your completed entry ... Read More »

BOATING NEWS: Aquacraft Bristol Trawler

Aquacraft - Bristol Trawler copy

The Bristol Trawler is well detailed for an authentic look that is sure to please.  It has a painted fiberglass hull with rigged masts and comes standard with a TTX490 4-channel radio with TR400 receiver, a 30-amp LiPo compatible speed control and 550 sized motor.  Add AA batteries for the transmitter and a 3S LiPo battery and be ready for ... Read More »

HOW TO: Range Check Your Boat

How To: Range Check Your Boat

Ensuring Perfect Radio Waves The airplane and helicopter folks partake in a very strange ritual before they fly a new model for the first time. They’ll get a friend to help them perform what’s known as a range check. What this does is make sure that when you’re flying you have the proper control of your plane. If they lose ... Read More »

HOW TO: Prep Your Boat for the Water

How To: Prep Your Boat for the Water

Getting Ready to Make Some Serious Waves We all know how much fun it can be to get out on the water with a new boat, but getting on the water correctly is more important than getting on the water quickly. When you first get a new boat there are several steps you’ll want to follow to ensure that you ... Read More »

OVERBOARD: Project: Scratch-Built S.S. Minnow

Project: Scratch-Built S.S. Minnow

Skipper and Gilligan Not Included! Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale…a tale of a fateful trip. If you’re continuing to sing along in your head then you are among the many who grew up watching seven castaways bumbling through three seasons and 98 episodes of the 60’s TV show, Gilligan’s Island. This was from an era when ... Read More »