BOATING NEWS: HobbyKing C1 Flowmaster Twin Catarmaran

Hobby King - C1 Flowmaster Twin Catarmaran_1 copy

The HobbyKing C1 Flowmaster Twin Catamaran arrives Almost Ready-to-Run (ARR), needing just a 2-channel surface transmitter and receiver, along with two 3S 11.1V 3000~4000mAh lipoly battery to get it going. The Class 1 offshore racing style hull has been skillfully produced with hand laid fiberglass and then expertly finished with colorful graphics that are then clear coated to a high ... Read More »

BOATING NEWS: Turnigy TGY-i6 Boat Radio

Turnigy TGY-i6 Boat Radio

Turnigy has released this great entry level 6-channel radio that is chock full of cool features. Things like telemetry, digital trims, a backlit LCD screen, simple programming and Automatic Frequency Hopping Digital System (AFHDS) spread spectrum technology are all standard. The TGY-i6 includes the TGY-iA6 6-channel receiver which shows on-board receiver battery voltage as standard so you know when it’s ... Read More »

REVIEW: Udi RC Power Venom

Review: UDI RC Power Venom

Have you been thinking about getting an RC boat? Are you unsure about making a commitment to yet another aspect of the hobby? Stop thinking and take a look at the Power Venom from Udi R/C. This little ripple racer will let you discover the fun of RC boating without a major commitment of time, money or equipment. All you need is a body of water to get hooked on making waves. Read on to find out just what cool features this mini vee hull has waiting for you. Read More »

BOATING NEWS: Proboat Blackjack 29 BL Catamaran RTR

Proboat - Blackjack 29 BL Catamaran RTR copy

The new Blackjack 29 features a redesigned fiberglass hull that eliminates the need for a wooden substructure that can wear out over time and provides incredible stability at speeds approaching 50 MPH. It employs a Dynamite power system with a potent 6 pole, 2000Kv brushless motor and massive 120 amp ESC with EC5 connectors. Control is provided by the Spektrum ... Read More »

REVIEW: Helion Rivos Reveal

Helion Rivos RTR Electric Boat

Helion is a company that is coming on strong in a short amount of time. They wowed the tire loving crowd with some very cool ready-to-runs at great prices and with excellent service through HobbyTown retailers. Then they dove into the water world with the Lagos Sport, a mini V-hull that was fast, fun and super easy to use and ... Read More »

BOATING NEWS: Pro Boat Shockwave 26 BL Deep-V RTR

Pro Boat - Shockwave 26 BL Deep-V RTR copy

The Shockwave 26-inch Deep-V features a Dynamite 2000Kv brushless power system with 30A speed control will allow the user to run NiMH batteries or LiPo batteries.  Speaking of LiPo, when using a 3S pack this boat can hit speeds of 25 mph.  It also utilizes an off-Set aluminum rudder to ensure the Shockwave 26 will turn well in both directions. ... Read More »

REVIEW: Aquacraft Rescue 17 Fireboat

Review: Aquacraft Rescue 17 Fireboat

There are those products that come to market that get you all riled up as if you were a kid again and what you see on these pages is sure to get you going. As a kid, who didn't want a sailboat that set off for unexplored lands while you played on the beach? And who didn't want a plastic boat that braved the rapids of that stream behind your house? Read More »

HOW TO: Project: Turnigy Marine Brushless Power System

Project: Turnigy Marine Brushless Power System

Several years ago I reviewed a Pro Boat Impulse 26 from Horizon Hobby and at the time it was a blast to race around the pond at our house. Since then I’ve reviewed many new boats with each one seemingly faster than the one before. Yet somehow my son and I keep going back to the Impulse 26 for various projects, including a trailer that he made to pull the boat behind his RC truck. Read More »

REVIEW: Aquacraft GP-1 Ultra Hydro

Aquacraft GP-1 Ultra Hydro

The GP-1 from AquaCraft Models is the latest RTR fast electric model developed by AquaCraft's chief designer, Mike “Grim Racer” Zabrowski. Measuring 16 1/2 inches, this pickle fork, 3-point hydroplane design features performance engineered components. Read More »