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Stuffing Tube / Prop Shaft Maintenance

How To: Stuffing Tube / Prop Shaft Maintenance

One of the most commonly over-looked, but important maintenance points on a RC boat is its stuffing tube/prop shaft area; so, keeping these parts properly serviced will help you avoid driveline problems when you run your boat. Done on a regular basis, the cleaning …

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Radio Protection

How To: Radio Protection

Blocking Water Gremlins Unlike other types of RC enthusiasts, remote-controlled marine craft owners have to always deal with the possibility of water working its way into their boat’s electronics. Even a minimal amount of moisture can wreak havoc with the hull’s onboard receiver, servos …

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Select the Right Hull

How To: Select the Right Hull

Which is Best for You? Whether you’re a new racer or a seasoned veteran, selecting the right hull for your driving style is important. It’s also important to understand what body of water you might be running or racing on. Additionally, what if any …

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