Friday, January 12, 2018
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While I’ve been building, racing and bashing radio controlled cars and trucks for more than 25-years now, my affinity for hobby level boats is fairly new (only 10-years) by comparison. Sure, I was able to get up speed on boats rather quickly, but the …

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New Zealand Tuna Boat: A custom design based on an R. T. Hartley blueprint


We love featuring scratch-built models from our readers, so when Kenneth Ruxton sent in an email inquiring if we would like to feature his custom New Zealand Tuna Model Boat, based on original blueprint design by R. T. Hartley’s of Takapuna, New Zealand, we …

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HobbyKing Bat 1 Rc Land Yacht: All you need is wind and a sail


Transmitter on; switch on. Steering working; check. Boom swinging; check. After my ‘all systems go’ check, I set the BAT down and immediately it started speeding away as the wind caught the open sail. As I approached the end of the parking area, I …

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