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Kyosho Hurricane 900VE – Catamaran C-1

As a tropical storm hurtling Hurricane 900 VE water arousing the admiration of those present! The speedboat designed as C-1 Racing catamaran is equipped with the Vortex Marine Brushless generation and water-cooled, powered by lithium 2s-6s LiPo. The brushless ESC with BEC has a maximum capacity of 120A. This ensures excellent performance, which enable the model to fly on the water … literally! VE The Hurricane 900 is delivered as ReadySet with the remote control Syncro KT-201. All components such as transmission, hydraulic coupling and the electronics are mounted on the hull in fiberglass. The motor, controller and battery compartment are easily accessible for maintenance purposes. surface-piece fiberglass hull is multi-colored and shiny. All the necessary cut-outs were drilled at the factory and decals applied on the hull. Thanks to advanced prefabrication, assembly is very simple and fast. 80A brushless controller and hardware, decals and accessories in all, the Hurricane 900 VE is distinguished by its installation nearly complete, its outstanding performance and also thanks to the new system Transmission Team Orion Brushless Marine.


Motorboat HiPerformance transmission system with Vortex Marine Brushless
• ReadySet with remote control KT-201 2.4GHz FHSS Syncro
• Hull-piece fiberglass with multicolored surface and shiny
• Rudder aluminum wheels milled on CNC machines
• Controller 120A with water cooled brushless motor
• Stainless steel screws for the parts in contact with water
• Suitable for batteries up to 6s (22.2 V)
• hole for water drainage lockable
• High-speed navigation
• Remote control Waterproof
• Kick-up rudder to protect against contact with the obstacles
• Flexible shaft for transmitting power efficient and silent operation
• Adjustable Strut (-4 ° to +4 °)
• Readyset complete plant RC, brushless motor


Items Needed

• (2x)-3s LiPo-Pack 11.1 V/4.000 mAh
• 4 AA (x the trsmittente)
• charger